Black Dragon Kenpo

Officially licenced by Ed Parker Sr.'s International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA)  /  Member - American Kenpo Training System (AKTS)

Past Events





Halloween 2015

Black Dragon Kenpo





















4th Annual Kenpo Kids Tournament - October 2015

Franklin Family Karate

Franklin, MA






AKTS East Coast Mini Camp - June 2014

Franklin Family Karate

Franklin, MA












Sigung Stephen LaBounty Seminar - November 2013

Rockland Kenpo Karate

Valley Cottage, NY

Group Photo



Sigung LaBounty with Kenpo Instructors - Tim Murphy, Sean Crehan and Steve Cordaro



Student and Teacher



Annual Northeast Kenpo Kids' Tournament - October 2013 

Franklin Family Karate

Franklin, MA

Group Photo



Instructors and Judges



John Sepulveda East Coast Spirit Camp - August 2013

Stony Point, NY

Group Photo



Professor John Sepulveda






Professor Edward Downey Kids' Class



New Friends



Saturday Night Camp Talk



Black Dragon Kenpo Students Looking On - Saturday Night Camp Talk



Sigung Stephen LaBounty Speaking - Saturday Night Camp Talk



Sigung LaBounty Teaching



Sigung Stephen LaBounty, Professor John Sepulveda and Instructor Steve Cordaro

with students of Black Dragon Kenpo



Kids' Class