Black Dragon Kenpo

Officially licenced by Ed Parker Sr.'s International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA)  /  Member - Advanced Kenpo Training System (AKTS)

What is Kenpo?


Kenpo is a combination of ancient fighting techniques and modern scientific principles.  An unending flow of motion.  A force which can overwhelm any attacker.  Every move creates a specific reaction in your opponent.  Each reaction leads you to your next move.  Every strike is a block, every block a strike.  Each move flows into the next.  This logical and sequential flow of action is the essence of Kenpo.  

Kenpo can be the most lethal of the martial arts.  To control the power of Kenpo, you must first control yourself.  Train your spirit as you train your body, developing inner strength, balance and harmony as you learn. 

A master of Kenpo is more than an expert in karate.  He is a martial artist.  He is the master of himself.