Black Dragon Kenpo

Officially licenced by Ed Parker Sr.'s International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA)  /  Member - Advanced Kenpo Training System (AKTS)

In Memoriam - Sigung Stephen LaBounty


Teacher, Mentor and Friend


On May 28, 2020 Sigung Stephen LaBounty passed away.

Some might say that we lost a giant in the Kenpo world on that day.  But did we really lose him?  To me he will live on in the hearts and minds of all those that were lucky enough to know him and be taught by him.  

Thank you, Sigung, for accepting me as your personal student and for treating my students here at Black Dragon as family.  The years I had with you were a learning experience in so many ways.  You will always be remembered fondly.  I miss teacher, my mentor, my friend.