Black Dragon Kenpo

Officially licenced by Ed Parker Sr.'s International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA)  /  Member - Advanced Kenpo Training System (AKTS)

Black Dragon Shield



The shape of a shield symbolizes that we use Kenpo in a defensive way but, if we are threatened further, we are fully capable of fighting through our defenses with devastating results.



We strive for excellence both as a black belt in the art and as a black belt in life.



The words "Black Dragon" are in yellow to symbolize the first earned rank in the art.



The red borders and the words "Kenpo Karate" are in red to symbolize the blood that flows through those who study Kenpo to keep it a living and breathing art.



The blue background in the center of the shield symbolizes the peace and tranquility that we all strive for.



Black (excellence)  Dragon (the spirit of the art).  The dragon uses his skills wisely and cautiously because he truly knows what his power can do.

His head comes into the center of the Black Dragon Shield at a strong 45 degree angle and his head faces east where Kenpo originated.

His black presence is rimmed in white to show he is still a student willing to learn.

His emerald eye is always looking, being aware of his surroundings.

His red tongue symbolizes that when he speaks, his words are well thought out and are backed by years of experience and knowledge.

He carries himself with the mind of a scholar, the strength of a warrior and the heart of both.



The Kanji lettering translates to "Art Above Ego," the ethic of Black Dragon Kenpo.  It is in white to show that we all begin as white belts and, no matter how far we may excel, no one must ever feel that they are more important than the art itself.  It is in the art that the student always finds comfort in knowing that there is always more to learn.